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SFC Securities Limited (Formerly member of the Summit Finance Group) started its operation as Summit Finance Company Ltd., which was incorporated on January 26, 1986 for the purpose of providing specialized financial services to corporate and individual clients. Our corporate head office is located at Marine View Plaza (6th Floor), 60 Marina, Lagos. We presently have two other branches at Onitsha and Port Harcourt with a representative office in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.


Summit Finance Company Limited was appointed a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in May 22, 1989 and had since remained a dominant force in stocks trading on the floor of the NSE and an active participant in the packaging and marketing of various public offers. Our Chairman, Dr. Raymond Obieri, OON was a past President of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

In line with our strategic positioning and the desire to serve our customers better, our operations are computerized and accessible through our website. The company has over the years won several awards in recognition of its contributions and meritorious services to the development of the Nigerian Capital Market as a broker/dealer. We are also very active in the money market, providing a wide range of credit facilities to various companies and individuals.

As an innovative company, we provide a platform for individual investors to benefit from our expertise to expand their wealth and hedge against such an unstable macroeconomic business environment as ours. Our team which is a fusion of men with formidable educational backgrounds, experience, maturity and dynamism of youth is well positioned to intermediate at an optimal level for the benefit of our clients while retaining the flexibility to analyse specific client’s requirements and develop applicable solutions.


15B, Hoseph Harden Street,

(5th Floor) Off Broad
Street CMS,

Lagos, Nigeria



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