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"We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path for financial success and we stand ready to work with them in all areas of financial planning."

What we do


Derivatives Instruments

Though the markets for derivatives has not fully commenced in Nigeria, we are poised to advise and assist our clients to trade on derivative instruments when fully in operation

Investment Advisory Services

As Investment managers, we advise and assist our esteem clients in the management of their investment portfolio, bearing in mind their risk appetite so as to generate optimum returns

Financial Advisory Sevices

We also provide Financial Advisory Services to our clients about investment and financing decisions. These services are provided at a nominal but affordable fee.

Securities Backed Credit

We provide securities backed credits to our customers. These facilities are given at affordable interest rates which are always very competitive. The turnaround for the processing of the loan is 24 hours.


We execute buy and sell orders in the capital market. These orders are executed at the best price possible in the market with the interest of our clients at heart.

Fixed Income Securities

We also act as dealers in Bonds and treasury bills on behalf of our clients. Bonds/Treasury bills are debt instruments or fixed incomes, whose returns are guaranteed.

Portfolio Managers/Advisers

We serve as Portfolio Managers/Advisers to enable our clients build up their capital, optimise their income within the clients’ investment objective vis-à-vis their risk appetite.

Issuing House Functions

We offer active and comprehensive Investment Banking Advisory Services that would enable our clients make sound financial decisions while leveraging on our thorough knowledge


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Lagos, Nigeria



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